17.08.2017   Welcome Gebbo on bass… from the ashes of Black Shape Of Nexus, and Bellrope.


05.04.2017   Dirge now at Black Bow Records


27.03.2017   We are working on a second album.


30.11.2016   Bassist needed!!!


21.07.2016   Dirge now available! Bandcamp


04.07.2016   Dirge has been waylaid. The release date has been moved to 21.07.2016
Doom on
Tune low


23.06.2016   We resurrected Harry Winkler from the depths of hell and put a guitar in his hands. We would also like to welcome Markus Gundall as our new 4 string steel slayer!!!


13.06.2016   We are going to release “Dirge” on July first via Bandcamp.


01.06.2016   Are you all ready for our first album “Dirge”? Soon to be available on Bandcamp  Doom on!!!


24.04.2016   DEJECTED MASS is heading to the studio, so you may suffer.


06.02.2016   Bass player wanted. You think you’re the right one, call us!


05.02.2016   Harry Winkler, R.I.P. bass player 2015-2016. May you forever riff onwards.
And we wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!


10.01.2016   DEJECTED MASS homepage is online