DEJECTED MASS The quintessence of a soul on the precipice of an abysmal pit. Filled with thundering deep guitar riffs, boundless droning bass, a cannonade of drums and the suffering screams of those damned to the abyss.

DEJECTED MASS was concieved in a small bar in Heidelberg, Germany in late 2012 by Christian Nann and Frank Kron. With the aim of playing melancholic abysmal doom. After a few songs were written in 2013 J. B. joined the band. A hiatus in 2015 and J.B. leaving the band, Christian and Frank decided to trudge on through the vacuum of soiled herds with DEJECTED MASS. On their path of riddance in mid 2015 Harry Winkler and in 2016 Markus Gundall joined in their procession. End of 2016, Harry and Markus left the band to start their own projects. At the beginning of 2017, Christian and Frank began working on a second album. At the beginning of July, Gebbo, who also raped the strings at Bellrope, joined DEJECTED MASS and continued on a second album. In march 2019, DEJECTED MASS recording the second album …… december 2020, second album and the last is out.

DEJECTED MASS no longer works as a band.

Thanks to everyone who supported us.


Gebbo – Bass / Christian Nann – Vox, Axe / Frank Kron – Skins

Dejected Mass 2(1)

Markus Gundall – Bass 2016

Harry Winkler – Axe 2016

Harry Winkler – Bass   2015 – 2016

J.B. – Bass   2013 – 2015